Istio 1.8 版本变更简单翻译

Known Issues 已知问题

  • Memory leak in TCP Wasm extensions affecting TCP telemetry (see Issue #24720). The leak occurs when upstream connections are interrupted mid-stream. Wasm extensions内存泄露
  • Wasm extension configuration updates are disruptive(see Issue #13690). The configuration is immediately applied for existing requests and connections, and is not reverted if the outer xDS is rejected.
  • Race condition with Envoy aggregate cluster when creating an EnvoyFilter and ServiceEntry for the same service. Istio-injected pods are unable to start up due to istio-proxy crashing with a segfault. See Issue #28620 for more information. 竞争关系

Traffic Management 流量管理

  • Added DNS capture in istio-agent by default for VMs installed using istioctl x workload entry configure. 在虚拟机场景下,默认使用istio-agent捕获DNS请求

  • Added holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts field to ProxyConfig, allowing it to be configured at the pod level. Should not be used in conjunction with the deprecated value. (Issue #27696) 允许在pod级别配置

  • Added support for INSERT_FIRST, INSERT_BEFORE, INSERT_AFTER insert operations for HTTP_ROUTE in EnvoyFilter (Issue #26692) EnvoyFilter增加hook

  • Added REPLACE operation for EnvoyFilter. REPLACE operation can replace the contents of a named filter with new contents. It is only valid for HTTP_FILTER and NETWORK_FILTER. (Issue #27425) EnvoyFIlter增加Replace操作

  • Added Istio resource status now includes observed generation (Issue #28003) 增加observedGeneration,用于判断status是否已经更新了

  • Fixed remove endpoints when the new labels in WorkloadEntry do not match the workloadSelector in ServiceEntry. (Issue #25678) ServiceEntry如果label不match后,需要移除endpoint

  • Fixed when a node has multiple IP addresses (e.g., a VM in the mesh expansion scenario), Istio Proxy will now bind inbound listeners to the first applicable address in the list (new behavior) rather than to the last one (former behavior). (Issue #28269) 如果有多个IP,优先绑定第一个ip,之前是最后一个

Security 安全

  • Improved Gateway certificates to be read and distributed from Istiod, rather than in the gateway pods. This reduces the permissions required in the gateways, improves performance, and makes certificate reading more extensible. This change is fully backwards compatible with the old mechanism, and requires no changes to your cluster. If required, it can be disabled by setting the ISTIOD_ENABLE_SDS_SERVER=false environment variable in Istiod. (Pull Request #27744) 网关证书通过istiod分发,减少gateway pod自己获取需要权限。
  • Improved TLS configuration on sidecar server side inbound paths to enforce TLSv2 version along with recommended cipher suites. If this is not needed or creates problems with non Envoy clients, it can disabled by setting Istiod env variable PILOT_SIDECAR_ENABLE_INBOUND_TLS_V2 to false. (Pull Request #27500) 默认强制使用TLSv2
  • Updated The ipBlocks/notIpBlocks fields of an AuthorizationPolicy now strictly refer to the source IP address of the IP packet as it arrives at the sidecar. Prior to this release, if using the Proxy Protocol, then the ipBlocks/notIpBlocks would refer to the IP address determined by the Proxy Protocol. Now the remoteIpBlocks/notRemoteIpBlocks fields must be used to refer to the client IP address from the Proxy Protocol. (reference)(usage)(usage) (Issue #22341) AuthorizationPolicy里面ip来源问题
  • Added AuthorizationPolicy now supports nested JWT claims. (Issue #21340) AuthorizationPolicy支持嵌套JWT
  • Added support for client side Envoy secure naming config when trust domain alias is used. This fixes the multi-cluster service discovery client SAN generation to use all endpoints’ service accounts rather than the first found service registry. (Pull Request #26185) 可信域相关
  • Added Experimental feature support allowing Istiod to integrate with external certificate authorities using Kubernetes CSR API (>=1.18 only). (Issue #27606)(usage) 实验性使用K8S CSR API(>=1.18)支持外部证书签发机构
  • Added Enable user to set the custom VM identity provider for credential authentication (Issue #27947) 允许用户自定义VM的身份提供方
  • Added action ‘AUDIT’ to Authorization Policy that can be used to determine which requests should be audited. (Issue #25591) 在Authorization Policy的AUDIT action,可以指定哪些请求需要审计
  • Added support for migration and concurrent use of regular K8S tokens as well as new K8S tokens with audience. This feature is enabled by default, can be disabled by REQUIRE_3P_TOKEN environment variable in Istiod, which will require new tokens with audience. The TOKEN_AUDIENCES environment variable allows customizing the checked audience, default remains istio-ca. (Pull Request #26482) 解决证书轮换中,JWT的token轮换会导致SDS的断开和重连
  • Added AuthorizationPolicy now supports a Source of type remoteIpBlocks/notRemoteIpBlocks that map to a new Condition attribute called remote.ip that can also be used in the “when” clause. If using an http/https load balancer in front of the ingress gateway, the remote.ip attribute is set to the original client IP address determined by the X-Forwarded-For http header from the trusted proxy configured through the numTrustedProxies field of the gatewayTopology under the meshConfig when you install Istio or set it via an annotation on the ingress gateway. See the documentation here: Configuring Gateway Network Topology. If using a TCP load balancer with the Proxy Protocol in front of the ingress gateway, the remote.ip is set to the original client IP address as given by the Proxy Protocol. (reference)(usage)(usage) (Issue #22341) AuthorizationPolicy支持remoteIpBlocks配置,remoteIp来自于X-Forwarded-For或 Proxy Protocol。

A critical bug has been identified in Envoy that the proxy protocol downstream address is restored incorrectly for non-HTTP connections.

Please DO NOT USE the remoteIpBlocks field and remote_ip attribute with proxy protocol on non-HTTP connections until a newer version of Istio is released with a proper fix.

Note that Istio doesn’t support the proxy protocol and it can be enabled only with the EnvoyFilter API and should be used at your own risk.

Telemetry 遥测

  • Updated the “Control Plane Dashboard” and the “Performance Dashboard” to use the container_memory_working_set_bytes metric to display memory. This metric only counts memory that cannot be reclaimed by the kernel even under memory pressure, and therefore more relevant for tracking. It is also consistent with kubectl top. The reported values are lower than the previous values. 更换内存显示的指标,只计算那些就算内存压力也不会回收的内存
  • Updated the Istio Workload and Istio Service dashboards resulting in faster load time. (Issue #22408) 优化速度
  • Added datasource parameter to Grafana dashboards (Issue #22408) 增加datasource参数
  • Added Listener Access Logs when ResponseFlag from Envoy is set. (Issue #26851) 如果Envoy设置了ResponseFlag,记录listerner的访问日志
  • Added support for OpenCensusAgent formatted trace export with configurable trace context headers. 支持trace格式定义
  • Added Proxy config to control Envoy native stats generation. (Issue #26546) Proxy config控制envoy统计数据的生成
  • Added Istio Wasm Extension Grafana Dashboard. (Issue #25843) 增加Istio Wasm Extension 展示
  • Added gRPC streaming message count proxy Prometheus metrics istio_request_messages_total and istio_response_messages_total (Pull Request #3048)
  • Added support for properly labeling traffic in client metrics for cases when the destination is not reached or is not behind a proxy. (Issue #20538)
  • Fixed interpretation of $(HOST_IP) in Zipkin and Datadog tracer address. (Issue #27911)
  • Removed all Mixer-related features and functionality. This is a scheduled removal of a deprecated Istio services and deployments, as well as Mixer-focused CRDs and component and related functionality. (Issue #25333),(Issue #24300) 移除所有mixser相关代码


  • Promoted external control plane to alpha. (Issue #11) 远程控制面
  • Updated Kiali addon to version 1.26.
  • Added support for installing and upgrading Istio using Helm 3 支持Helm3安装
  • Improved multi-network configuration so that labeling a service with can configure cross-network gateways without using mesh networks. 支持使用label指定网络
  • Improved sidecar injection to not modify the pod securityPolicy.fsGroup which could conflict with existing settings and secret mounts. This option is enabled automatically on Kubernetes 1.19+ and is not supported on older versions. (Issue #26882) sidecar injection 不修改securityPolicy.fsGroup
  • Improved Generated operator manifests for use with kustomize are available in the manifests directory. (Issue #27139) 可以在manifests目录使用kustomize
  • Updated install script to bypass GitHub API Rate Limiting. (Pull Request #23469) 安装脚本优化
  • Added port 15012 to the default list of ports for the istio-ingressgateway Service. (Issue #25933) 默认端口
  • Added support for Kubernetes versions 1.16 to 1.19 to Istio 1.8. (Issue #28814) 支持k8s 1.16 - 1.19
  • Added the ability to specify the network for a Pod using the label This overrides the setting for the cluster’s installation values (values.globalnetwork). If the label isn’t set, it is injected based on the global value for the cluster. (Issue #25500)
  • Deprecated installation flags in favor of user-managed config and values.gateways.istio-ingressgateway.meshExpansionPorts in favor of components.ingressGateways[name=istio-ingressgateway].k8s.service.ports (Issue #25933)
  • Fixed Istio operator manager to allow configuring RENEW_DEADLINE. (Issue #27509)
  • Fixed an issue preventing NodePort services from being used as the registryServiceName in meshNetworks.
  • Removed support for installing third-party telemetry applications with istioctl. These applications (Prometheus, Grafana, Zipkin, Jaeger, and Kiali), often referred to as the Istio addons, must now be installed separately. This does not impact Istio’s ability to produce telemetry for those use in the addons. See Reworking our Addon Integrations for more info. (Issue #23868),(Issue #23583) 取消支持使用istioctl安装第三方遥测组件
  • Removed istio-telemetry and istio-policy services and deployments from installation by istioctl. (Issue #23868),(Issue #23583)
  • Fixed Istio Grafana Dashboards queries which have reporter field. (Issue #27595)


  • Improved istioctl analyze to find the exact line number with configuration errors when analyzing yaml files. Before, it would return the first line of the resource with the error. (Issue #22872) 在istioctl analyze检查yaml文件时所有出错的行数,之前只列出第一行。
  • Updated istioctl experimental version and proxy-status to use token security. A new option, --plaintext, has been created for testing without tokens. (Issue #24905) 使用token
  • Added istioctl commands may now refer to pods indirectly, for example istioctl dashboard envoy deployment/httpbin (Issue #26080) 可以间接引用pod
  • Added io as short name for Istio Operator resources in addition to iop. (Issue #27159) 添加io短名称
  • Added --type for istioctl experimental create-remote-secret to allow user specify type for the created secret. 创建证书可以指定类型
  • Added an experimental OpenShift Kubernetes platform profile to istioctl. To install with the OpenShift profile, use istioctl install --set profile=openshift. (OpenShift Platform Setup)(Install OpenShift using istioctl) 实验性支持OpenShift
  • Added istioctl bug-report command to generate an archive of Istio and cluster information to assist with debugging. (Issue #26045) 生成错误报告
  • Added new command istioctl experimental istiod log to enable managing logging levels of istiod components. (Issue #25276),(Issue #27797) 控制日志级别
  • Deprecated centralIstiod flag in favor of externalIstiod to better support external control plane model. (Issue #24471) 更改名称
  • Fixed an issue which allowed an empty revision flag on install. (Issue #26940)